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VGCCC Issues AU$100,000 Regulatory Action to MintBet

MintBet, a registered sportsbook in Victoria, must pay a fine of $100,000 to the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) for recurring violations of regulator’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Code) in association to expanded time frames of gambling by the client. The client gambled for the duration of 35 hours using their online account created with MintBet over a period of roughly fifty hours. In addition, by the end of the user’s wagering period, they had lost $31,149 and placed 327 wagers.

Reason for penalty:

The Committee discovered that the sportsbook didn’t cease accepting wagers from a client despite the client showing signs of distress that can be associated with problem gambling, as essential by their Code. Also, MintBet deactivated the client’s account just as the client actively determined that they were suffering damage from their gambling activity.

In addition to that, another discovery of the Commission is that even though the bookmaker has put some systems in place to make sure that vulnerable players don’t go totally berserk when gambling, these systems were insufficient, which is contrary to the requirement of the aforementioned Code.

Beside the fine, the bookmaker will also be obligated to provide the VGCCC with an answer on what enhancements it will make to its processes and systems. After that, the regulator will review the response of MintBet and decide whether additional action may be required.

A wake-up call to all gambling suppliers:

Scott May, the Deputy CEO of VGCCC, commented that the penalty represented a wake-up call for each of the gambling supplier. Additionally, he added according to the official press release: “Victorian gambling providers must comply with their responsible gambling codes of conduct. They exist to protect people from gambling harm. Even if accepting bets online, providers must monitor for and intervene when customers are displaying indicators of distress. Gambling for an extended period is a key indicator of distress that may indicate problem gambling. There are serious consequences for any gambling provider that fails to comply with their own responsible gambling code of conduct. We won’t tolerate it.”

Those concerned about their phone and online gambling may now opt-out free of charge from any phone and online betting supplier officially licensed in Australia by officially registering for BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register.

Furthermore, those individuals who are concerned that a gambling supplier has failed to act according to its obligations regarding responsible gambling, may file a tip-off or complain to the VGCCC.

VGCCC Deems Crown Resorts Suitable to Continue to Hold its Melbourne Casino License:

In other news, just last week, VGCCC has regarded Crown Resort Ltd., Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment group, eligible to maintain its gaming license, meaning it will be permitted to proceed to manage its casino in Melbourne. Crown’s eligibility for a license was reviewed after revelations by a Victorian royal commission in 2021, which discovered the firm had smoothed the path for money laundering and allowed individuals linked to organized crime syndicates to gamble on its property. Additionally, the firm was “unsuitable” to hold its existing gambling license following its engagement in “illegal, dishonest, unethical and exploitative” behavior, according to royal commission’s findings.

Although Fran Thorn, Commissioner of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, commented that the firm had formerly violated supervisory rules, failed to adequately manage risk and showed that a revenue culture was more important than safety, she also commented that the state regulator would allow Crown to continue operating again.

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