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Petition to Legalizes Gambling in Texas Awaits Legislation

At the same time, Patrick Dumont, governor of the Dallas Mavericks and President and Chief Operating Officer for Las Vegas Sands Corp., said that the company would avail of the legalized gaming to facilitate developments of integrated resorts and sports arenas in the state. “Over time, we hope that it happens. I can’t tell you when it’s going to be, but we’re very focused on it as a company, and we like the opportunity to develop some very unique tourism assets, specifically in Dallas,” Dumont reportedly added.

$66.5 Billion Gaming Handle in 2023:

The company’s expansion seems based on the data of American Gaming Association indicating that the 2023 gaming handle amounted to $66.5 billion in 2023, $6 billion-or around 9 percent-more than in 2022, according to WFAA. The same source reports that numerous legalization efforts have failed in Texas to date. The last Texas House session rejected a bill proposed by the State Rep. Charlie Green (R-Fort Worth), while a separate online sports betting bill cleared the House to be rejected in the Senate.

The bill would reportedly need the support of two-thirds of the Texas House (100 of 150 Representatives) and Texas Senate (21 of 31 Senators) to be approved and delivered to ballot. In the end, it would be voters that would decide upon the gaming launch in the Lone Star State. Dallas city official Chad West thinks that legalization will happen soon.  “I would be shocked if it doesn’t happen this session in some fashion or another. I would guess the state does something,” he reportedly said.

West added: ”Maybe not full legalization. Maybe just a few licenses here and there to sort of test out the waters like they did with medical marijuana. But I foresee something happening in this next session.”

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